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Richard J. Garcia '85 started the Sunday Ride in October 2008. Every Sunday, him and other alumni gather in the early morning for a two-hour bike ride through San Antonio. At a leisurely pace, you won't even know you are exercising! To learn more, contact Richard.


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Thursday, October 06 2011 08:40:56 AM

For those of you who follow my posts, you may find more current blogs on Facebook.  On the search bar, type street ratz of san antonio bicycle club.  You will find pictures of past rides and information on upcoming rides.

I still ride weekly but no one was commenting on my blogs so I stopped posting here for awhile.  Comment once in a while to the blogs here (UIW's site) and perhaps I'll blog here more regularly.  It's up to you after all.

Keep in mind that you have an open invitation to join in on rides.  Last Sunday's ride had our group riding the UIW campus as part of a ride of higher learning.  We took in a number of schools beginning with UIW and ending with UTSA downtown.  Go to the Facebook page mentioned for pictures.

Riding sure is a lot of fun and a fairly low cost way of enjoying yourself outdoors.
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A few years back, I bought a camera.  I didn't take many pictures though as a finger would obscure the picture, there would be too much sky in the photo or no heads.

Thanks to the cycling group I ride with (find us on Facebook), I've managed to improve.  The group which can be found by typing in Street Ratz of San Antonio Bicycle Club in the search area is growing with Sunday's rides averaging a consistent 15 plus riders which include both men and women.

I try to take interesting pictures of large critical mass rides the city offers and our own group rides.  For me, I prefer early morning rides simply because of traffic concerns and the temperatures.

We are now into our third table for our riders at our regular breakfast stop and we have been picking up new riders each week.

If you have an old bicycle in your garage, take it to one of your local bike shops and have it tuned up.  If no bike then buy one and join us on future rides.  We'd love to have you join us.  I have to say that riding with a group is way more fun than riding alone.

You may also find me and more blogs on my website at  My website blogging is primarly focused on individual and small business topics.

We plan on riding in the Rock and Roll Marathon this year.  It would be cool to have an even larger group.  By the way, we have our own cycling jersey and you can purchase one for a bargain of a price.  There is no membership fee to join.  Just bring money as we stop for tacos pretty much on each ride.  Our current taco place has tacos starting from $1.00 so it shouldn't break your bank.

See you on the road soon!
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Sunday, August 07 2011 08:26:32 PM

Well, another weekend of riding is in the books.  Our little cycling group (Street Ratz of San Antonio Bicycle Club) is on Facebook.  Use the search area to find it.  We've been growing and today (Sunday) had 17 riders.  

Sundays are the Mission Trail Ride while Saturdays ride is more relaxed as a pace.  We've begun to have more women join in our rides which is good.  

What's great is the heavier cycling presence on the streets.  We must have past two or three groups with substantial numbers (12 ).

The trick is to find a group that rides at your pace.  When you can do that, the ride is much, much better.

I haven't seen a lot of UIW interest in cycling but you have a standing offer to ride with our group whenever you are ready.  You wouldn't believe how many people are out early in the morning enjoying an opportunity to jog, cycle or walk 

We post pictures of our various rides on Facebook.  Give it a look and join us soon!
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Monday, August 01 2011 05:58:50 AM

Riding a bicycle encompasses all types of riders.  There are the jersey clad sort who crave maintaining a high speed, commuters looking to unplug from the endless fuel consumption of their automobiles, the social riders who want the company of like minded riders on points of interest in their city to name but a few.

San Antonio is such a wonderful place to ride a bicycle.  The City parks located throughout San Antonio are wonderful to just slow ride through and riding with others multiplies the fun in getting a workout while the scenery changes with each revolution of the pedals.

I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I step into a bicycle shop.  Do I purchase new grips for my single speed cruiser, add a rack to my touring bike or maybe an additional set of lights to make my night riding a little brighter on yet another?  The bicycle shop itself becomes a center for social interaction as you spot friends stopping in to browse or perhaps pick up the newest addition to their growing stable of bicycles.

If you are looking for a group to ride with then consider contacting your local bicycle shop.  They are a great source for information on places to ride and groups to ride with.  Of course you're always welcome to ride with my group (Street Ratz of San Antonio Bicycle Club).  We have a group community page on Facebook including pictures of our rides to give you a flavor of the places we travel to in our fair city.

I have been back to riding for about 4 years now.  It's been fun and a way for me to save fuel costs (I commute to my office nearly every work day).  You are also welcome to check my business website at  We focus on small business and don't be surprised to see a couple of bicycles nestled in a corner of my office building.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!
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Finally!  It took nearly 4 years but the group I regularly ride with has a name.  Street Ratz of San Antonio Bicycle Club is a no drop (we won't leave you behind) group of bicycle enthusiasts who ride all sorts of bicycles.  We're in the process of ordering bicycle jerseys and t-shirts with our club logo on it.  You can find pictures and more information on facebook.  Just type Street Ratz of San Antonio Bicycle Club on the search line and you'll spot our page.

We ride on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Though we have our group rides, we also join in on the rides put on by the Downtown High Life Bicycle Club and S.A.L.S.A..  Look to their respective facebook pages to find out when their rides occur.

Our 7AM Saturday ride begins at the Lions Club at the corner of Broadway and Mulberry then proceeds to the riverwalk, downtown, King William and a bit further south along the newest portion of the Mission Reach Project. A slower relaxed pace of approximately 10 to 12 miles.

Our 6:30AM Sunday ride begins in the parking lot adjacent to Hemisfair Plaza (near Alamo and Durango streets).  We travel along the Mission trail reaching Mission Espada and heading back to downtown.  A bit faster pace which stretches approximately 18 miles.

Our group is open to people who like to ride.  There are cyclists on single speeds, mountain bikes, road bikes, recumbents and cruisers depending on the ride.

Please respond to the blog if you are interested in joining us on future rides.  I promise you that riding in the company of others is way more fun than riding by yourself.  Oh, don't forget the Saturday and Sunday rides stop for tacos so plan on taking a few dollars to each with us.  I look forward to seeing you on the roads.
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It's been about a month since I've begun commuting to work on my bicycle.  In that time I've saved 2 tankfuls of gas which roughly equates to about $100 give or take.

What really struck me as wonderful has been the increased volume of cyclists I've spotted on the streets of San Antonio.  On trails and in urban areas, I have noticed so many more riders recently than in the past few years of riding.  

There are last Friday rides with the Downtown High Life Bicycle club, 1st Friday rides with the Slow and Low cruiser bicycle club and even the group rides I do each Saturday and Sunday mornings with friends I've made on the roads of our great city.

If you want to start riding and don't know where then read the posts on craigslist San Antonio under the for sale section under bikes.  As you join one ride you will find the people very friendly and generally they will provide other group rides which they participate in.  If you don't surf the net then consider contacting our local bicycle shops.  They are a great source of information for rides tailored to slow paced riders and Lance Armstrong wannabees.

The experience of riding with others multiplies the joy you derive from riding solo in ways you would never expect.

Cycling is a way of getting exercise, getting around town, and making friends from all walks of life who share a common interest.  It's a blast and for those of you who don't ride at all, you're missing out.

Respond to this post if you're interested in exercise and making a whole bunch of new friends.
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Tuesday, July 05 2011 04:24:49 AM

About a year ago, I remember seeing postings on craigslist for a slow easy ride with a group of people.  I believe the name is S.A.L.S.A..  I know them as the slow and low club.

I had the pleasure of riding with them on Friday for the first time.  This was not to be a display of high end fancy road bikes.  This was cruisers Baby!  Oh the style of the bikes was something.  Old tricked out Schwinns, Huffys, Electras and more.  There were custom bikes which sprang up from the imagination of the rider and more.  

After riding with them, I want a multi speed cruiser.  You can find them on Facebook by typing in slow and low to the search.

They were a great bunch of people and I definitely plan on making more rides with them.  I just loved it.

If you enjoy my blogs consider reading my other blog on
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I couldn't wait for the official opening to the newest stretch of the Mission Reach Project.  Though there were to be mariachi performers at 10AM this past Saturday, I needed to ride it much sooner and did.

The newest stretch is fantastic.  The foliage is not in but the ground has been prepared.  I'm told once the entire stretch is completed that it should be about 20 miles long.  Boy oh boy, I can hardly wait.  It's nice to know there is a water fountain on the south side near the golf course.  There are times when I'm parched and having that option for water is welcome indeed.

I continue to commute to work via bicycle as often as I can and the weight is grudgingly beginning to peel off though a little slow for my liking.

That's about it for now.  If you would like to read additional blogs, check out my firm's website at

Jump on a bicycle and ride.  It's liberating!
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I've been commuting to and from work going into my third week.  I've saved an entire tank of gas already and though the scale isn't really showing it much, my clothes feel a bit looser on me already.  I've managed to arrange a way of cleaning up before work so things seem to be getting better organized.

So to recap:  savings on fuel (figure about $40.00), improved health and one less car on the road.

My immediate goal is to continue dropping weight.  I have a reunion coming up and want to be in better shape for the gathering.  Last week I cycled for 95 miles.  A portion of those miles were commuting but a good bit of it was riding with friends on the weekend.

If you like reading my blogs, consider visiting my business website at

Jump on your bicycle and ride.  You'll feel so much better for it.
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Sunday, June 12 2011 05:59:43 AM

As you get older, you find yourself grooving into habits.   Nothing particularly wrong with that except after awhile you begin to want the excitement of change.

Recently, I took my youngest child to Six Flags here in San Antonio.  I hadn't been there in nearly 20 years and let me say up front that a number of rides were both frightening and sickening to me.  My sense of fright was heightened by memories of various newspaper articles which flooded back to me.  Amusement rides which failed for one reason or another were replaying in my brain.  My eyes opened wide as we click clacked higher and higher up roller coaster tracks, felt the harnesses of other rides cinch into place and felt the foot plates drop from under us to have our feet dangle below us.  The sickening part for me was the amount of jostling which the rides put you through on twists and turns, loop de loops, and spinning around like a top.

Play like a kid?  The hard part is to forget that you're not invincible when you are so high off the ground.  Kids haven't lost that sense yet and I wouldn't want to be the one to take it away from them anyway.

No offense intended towards theme parks with rides.  For me, I prefer the thrill of bicycling down a hill at speeds reaching 30 miles an hour or more.  The jostling and click clacks of rides are perhaps meant for those who look for a bit of thrill and fear in their lives.  They can have it.  I'll be happy to watch from afar.
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