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Login Information

You must be logged in to the site to access many of the features. You can click here to get to the login box, or click here to get step-by-step instructions on how to login.

Creating a Personal Profile

The software allows you to post pictures, add news feeds and search for friends on the site. If you need assistance creating your profile, please see the specific links below that will direct you to an online tutorial.

·      Feeds (automated news headlines, sports headlines, etc.)

·      Widgets (LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)

·      Adding and Editing Member Fields in the Profile

·      Friends List

·      Photos

·      Class notes

·       My Activity Tab

·      Create and Edit Custom Tabs

Reconnecting With Old Friends and Classmates

Searching for class mates and friends is one of the main features of the site. Search using the Online Directory tab. Remember to tell your fellow alums about this site as well! You can do so by sending them an e-mail through the alumni website by clicking here.

Upcoming Events and University/Alumni News

You can search for upcoming events, register for events and even get as detailed as letting us know you are allergic to peanuts and that you prefer to sit next near the back of the room than the front! Our Events Page will be constantly updated with new events!

The news will also be updated weekly. It will include alumni news and university news. We will also highlight alumni through our alumni spotlight news feature and introduce parts of our website (such as online chatting, featured blogs, etc).

Staying connected

The links below will help you become and stay an active member of the alumni community!


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