Sammy's Ride 

Follow UIW alumna Samantha Mangum '06 as she bike rides across the United States on a quest to raise $50,000 for The Living Waters Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania. The trip begins on June 6 when she and three colleagues depart from Yorktown, Va. The nearly 4,000-mile, seven-week trip will end in San Francisco.

Excerpt from May 19 blog:

"I came across a picture of Barreki and I. Barreki (which means "Spirit of God" in Swahili) is a nine-year-old boy at the orphanage that I'm raising money for. He's wearing my reggae hat, his arms crossed and he's smiling at my camera. I can’t help but wonder if he knows how much he’s changed my life. I wonder if he knows I’m leaving my life on the East Coast to find it on the West Coast…and he is my drive for doing it. He makes me smile."


The Living Waters  homepage is where you can read more information on the organization as well as read on ways you can help.
Sammy's Blog will be hosted on the alumni web site. As long as there is a connection to the Internet, Sammy will be posting her thoughts and pictures from the bike ride. She anticipates updating this daily.
Map of route - This is the route she will be taking on her journey.
Pictures from her trip to Africa, as well as pictures from the journey across America.
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